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Credits goes to me for uploading these stories and to the writers and translators for writing or translating a good story~ you can read more at www.soompi.com. ^^

♥ Fictions Requesting ~ 

I'm looking for the fics below. If you have any of the stories or you know where I can find them, (completed version) please inform me. >-<

Teddy Boy by Eun Ban Ji

He's The Devil

Meet Kwon Minwoo, My Manwhore

The Dangerous Iljeen Guy by Kkoma Sae

You're a Dynamite! by Freda

Syndrome by Guiyeoni

Two Hearts by yisa 

I tried searching for 'The Dangerous Iljeen Guy' in the soompi thread, and they mentioned that it could be found in ficaholics, but when I tried to enter the website, they said that the website couldn't be found (I searched for it in google)... so if there's anyone who could enter the website without any problems, please help me. >-< 

My e-mail is x3jessical@hotmail.com. Hopefully you can send me the doc forms (if you have them/it) via e-mail? 

Thanks so much! ^^ 

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